Wine Theme Wedding Tablescapes

Wine themed wedding aren’t just for vineyard receptions. Here are some great options for wine themed tablescapes and centerpieces for any venue.


Most simply, you can integrate a decorative bottle of wine amongst your floral centerpieces. I personally like the idea of labeling the bottles with the table numbers. You could also label with table names. You could use names of wines, like Chardonnay and Merlot or even wine regions, like Napa Valley and Tuscany.


The bottles above have a little added flair and interest with the cuff-link style labels. You could easily do this yourself with the right template. I especially like how each bottle has a different font. I would like these even more if the labels were colored to coordinate with the wedding color scheme.


Besides using wine bottles, corks and grapes are great additions to a centerpiece collage.


Another easy option that kills two birds with one stone is a table number wine bottle doubling as a single stem vase. The bottle shown above has a more casual feel with the hand-chalked label. If it wasn’t special ordered, I’m guessing it was painted with chalkboard paint.


I think these grapevine centerpieces are very elegant in a rustic and natural way. They tie into a wine theme in a very subtle way. You could substitute the beads for grapes for an even more natural feel. Or go the other way and put a beaded band around the bottom of the vase or an oversized pearly coaster underneath.


For those who prefer candle centerpieces, I love the way the corks create a romantic light. A low centerpiece makes for much better cross-table conversations. I’m a big fan.


Combine flowers and candles in an unexpected way with these upside-down wine glasses turned candle pillars. Even though they are all different shapes, I think they work great together. You could easily beg, borrow and steal (ok, maybe just borrow) enough glasses to make all of your centerpieces.


A single floating flower in a wine glass with some pearls or gems is another easy and not to mention inexpensive tablescape idea. Wine, burgundy and plum are obvious color choices for a wine themed wedding so I especially like the orange to boldly compliment any of those colors, especially in the fall.

In carrying out a theme at your wedding, I recommend you think through the whole plan before buying or making anything.  Consider how all the elements work together to enhance the theme.  Think of it like a blueprint. You wouldn’t build a house until you could see the whole picture, right? This is how we approach event design with our clients – we come to them with a blueprint for the ways in which the design or theme will be carried throughout the day, including all the unique, personalized touches. Once the decisions have been made we begin the process of bringing all the elements to life!

Here I’ve shown several options for tablescapes, but check back soon for my favorite ideas on incorporating a wine theme into your entire wedding, start to finish. It makes me want to get married again!

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