Wine Theme Wedding Start to Finish

As promised, here are some fantastic ideas on how to incorporate a wine theme into your wedding, whether or not your celebration takes place in a winery.

The key to having your theme work is to have it evident from start to finish. So let’s start with an engagement session at a vineyard. Just keep in mind you may want to save your tastings until after the photos are taken!


In a similar vein, a wine-inspired Save-the-Date like this one taken amongst the grapevines is a clever way to clue your guests into what they can expect at your wedding.

The obvious color choice for your bridesmaids’ dresses is “wine” or something similar. Plus it’s a flattering color on a majority of people.


The groomsmen can match or coordinate with the ladies in a nice shade of green. If you’re actually having your wedding at a winery, consider no vest and a grey suit or khakis for a more casual wedding. With any style menswear, you can add a grape hyacinth boutonniere.



I love bold colors, which is why I love this bouquet of burgundy and orange - perfect for a fall wedding. In WNY we certainly have opportunity for a gorgeous fall foliage backdrop to set your wedding.

It doesn’t stop at bouquets. Check out these grapevine wreaths for your church or entry doors, and this cork bouquet – maybe for a bar decoration.





Don’t forget the flower girl! She can still participate in the wine-theme with a pomander made of vine.

Grapevine can also create an archway for your ceremony or a letter-shaped cake topper.

For your cake, you can decorate with fresh or faux grapes like are shown here, or you can have your cake decorator put it right into the design. Another option would be to use a coordinating “wine” colored ribbon on each tier to tie in with the color scheme.

There are so many ways to decorate with wine bottles. This is just one example. I like how the dark bottles give a soft, romantic candle glow. Candles in green wine bottles make great decorations too but create a different mood.

Below are two photos taken at a wedding designed by Distinctive Occasions last year. In place of a guest book, a table was set up where guests could write a “Message in a Bottle”. The bottles were marked W for Wedding, 1 for 1st Anniversary, 5, 0, and 25. The couple will read the messages as if they’re opening a time capsule…if they can wait that long! Next to the “Message in a Bottle” table was a framed wine cork board displaying the place cards for dinner. 

Photo credit:  Ayres Photography


Photo credit:  Ayres Photography

Wine corks have other uses too, like oversized signage so your guests can find your reception, and giant monogram decoration for somewhere like your gift table.


Invitations will really help pull your wine theme together. The font and imagery you use should be indicative of the type of feel your wedding will have such as romantic, laid back, or rustic. Although both wine-themed, these invitations have very different feels.



Your chef should be able to help you create a menu from appetizers to dessert that incorporate wine and foods that compliment wine. Personalized wine labels are a nice touch too.


Favors can be really fun with a wine-themed wedding. The two pictured here are cork coasters, which can easily be made by anyone with a hot glue gun, and queen wine stoppers. But there are countless options for this piece of your wedding.

It’s always advisable to speak to your photographer about specific things you want photographed. If your wedding has a wine theme, the photos below can serve as inspiration.

Speak to your DJ as well. There are dozens of songs that mention wine. A few that really make a statement are “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel, “Heard It Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye, and “Red, Red Wine” by Neil Diamond.

I think we’ve covered everything but just for fun, why not add a little Lucy stomping the grapes to your restroom décor? As if your guests weren’t already smiling!


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