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Not everyone loves a food truck but I think we can all agree that they are a growing presence in Buffalo. If you heart food trucks and you’re planning a certain style wedding and have a guest list that would appreciate a food truck at your wedding, this could be a great option for you.


The best way to use a food truck at a wedding would be after-hours. If you plan in advance, you can request a food truck to show up on location to feed your guests just around the time when they may be getting hungry again.



Check with your reception venue first to make sure they will allow the food truck to serve food on their property. Some venues, especially ones who offer banquet packages with “midnight snack” add-ons may not allow it. Those venues will probably suggest you keep your guests inside and the bar open while they serve another course, and I can’t say I blame them.


But there are some caterers who would rather pack up and go home as soon as possible after the main meal is served no matter what you’d like to add on. If you’ve rented a hall and hired an outside caterer, you will probably have more leeway in getting your food truck’s location approved.


Don’t forget - if you’re adding on to a reception package, it’s on your dime. If you bring in a food truck, your guests will foot the bill. 



If your reception venue isn’t on board with hosting a food truck, you can look into requesting one at the hotel where your overnight guests are booked. I’m sure out of town guests who are unfamiliar with the area will appreciate some late night eats.


Another thing to remember is that food trucks have a following and you won’t be served privately, so expect to have visitors. You’ll be much better off if non-wedding guests have a safe place to park once they’ve found the truck.



If you love this idea, call around to the different trucks and see if one of them will work with you. If your wedding ends in the suburbs late on a Saturday night, the food truck of your choice may not be inclined to give up their street corner in Allentown. If it just isn’t working out, you can always supply your guests with a cute note card with a list of the local food trucks and their websites or Facebook pages so they can track down food truck on their own if they choose.


Here’s an incomplete list of some of the food trucks in the Buffalo area to give you a head start:

The Cheesy Chick

Knight Slider

Lloyd Taco Trucks

Pizza Amore

R&R Barbeque Food Truck

Roaming Buffalo

The Whole Hog Truck


Bon appétit!



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