Top 10 Parent Gift Ideas - Part II

If you are lucky enough to have your parents’ help with your wedding, you’ll probably want to get them a gift, as is proper etiquette. Here are my Top 5 Parent Gift Ideas. Check out my previous blog for the first five ideas.


5. Stay in Theme.

If you wedding has a theme and the parents’ gift can be tied in, they will appreciate it even more because of your thoughtfulness. Parents love a gift with a homemade touch no matter how old you are. Getting married in winter? Consider a personalized snow globe or ornament...


4. Spa Package for Two.

After all the stress of your wedding day, you and your spouse get to relax on your honeymoon...but what about poor stressed out mom and dad? They deserve to relax too...

3. Timeless Treasures.

Watches make great gifts for parents who love keepsakes. Most nice watches come with great warranties, so they’ll have them forever. Every time they check their wrists they’ll think of you on your wedding day. Give them their gifts before the wedding and chances are, dad will wear his on the big day...


2. Weekend Getaway.

Think of the season you’ll be gifting them to guide your choice. Some ideas are Ellicottville Skiing, Canandaigua Lake, Sherkston Beach rental, and a Bed & Breakfast getaway. If you are receiving a free overnight room as part of your hotel package, you could ask the hotel for a second night and give your parents a two-night stay and add on a dining package...



1. Big Thanks.

Gifts are great but whatever you get, don’t forget to thank them from the heart in your own words. Pick out some nice stationary and pull out your best handwriting because they’ll save that note forever...


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