Southtown & Northtown Showers

I attended a Bridal Shower this weekend at the Coyote Café on Main Street in Hamburg. Being from the Northtowns, I didn’t know this place existed. I found out that my in-laws from the Southtowns who knew of the place had no idea they had a back room large enough for small events. Since it seemed to be a well kept secret, I thought I would share.


They had 50 people at the shower - 8 per table – seated pretty tightly. There was also space for a few gift tables, a décor/gift basket table, and a buffet table, which was then switched over to a gift-opening table after lunch was served. What I really liked about the layout was that the floor slanted downward so that the bride-to-be was slightly higher than all of the tables and you could easily see her open all the gifts from any seat.

I would recommend this for a shower with a relaxed, non-traditional shower. Mexican is not always a safe bet for a crowd, but the food was not spicy (this is coming from someone who orders mild chicken wings) and was very tasty.


I do want to mention one other potential shower location for those who prefer the Northtowns. Sinatra’s now has a small banquet space on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore (near Delaware Road) called Village Square Events & Catering. Although I haven’t attended a function there, I have peeked inside and it looks very nice, with subtle décor, white linens, and Chiavari chairs. Although I don’t know for sure, I would expect the food quality is the same as the ever-popular Sinatra’s Restaurant on Kenmore Avenue in Buffalo.




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