Table Design

If you want your wedding to have a unique look, consider creating your own tablescape with the tablecloth at the center of your design.


First choose a theme – romantic, modern, nature-inspired, nautical, etc. Be sure you know what your dishes will look like when you start this process. Will they have chargers? What color? What do the glassware and silverware look like? You will need to know this to have a cohesive look.

Consider your chairs. Will you be using the chairs provided, renting chair covers, or renting all new chairs? This decision may limit your table design choices, which isn’t a bad thing. You’ll spend a few less sleepless nights narrowing down your choices.

Next choose your color palette, which should be easy if the attire has been chosen for your wedding party.

Start with fabric from your local craft shop that you can use as tablecloths. Be sure you have the correct measurements. If you're handy with a sewing machine, this should be a simple DIY project.  If not, visit a local rental company to browse their offerings.  All of your tables can be outfitted with the same tablecloth or they can vary – maybe a different pattern in the same color on every table, or the same pattern in alternating colors.

Once you have the main tablecloth in place, you can choose to let it stand alone or layer other fabrics on top. You can place secondary fabric underneath just the centerpiece to draw the eye, lay a shorter piece on the diagonal to create interest, or you can set a lace overlay for texture.

Ask your reception hall or rental company to provide coordinating napkins. Decide how they will be laid out – maybe in napkin rings or maybe folded only once and draped across the plate top to bottom. If you don't like what they have you can always bring in your own.

Compliment your look with flowers. If your tablecloth is simple, opt for simple flowers for a clean look or balance it with a mixed bouquet. Be sure to choose appropriate sized vases. Square vases or colored vases often go well with modern looks. Tall, ornate vases will compliment a more traditional tablecloth. You can use an assortment for a more casual look. The next most popular centerpiece choice is probably candles but use whatever strikes you.

Be sure to wrap your wedding favors in the theme of your tablescape if you are putting them at the place settings. If you have place cards or menus, you’ll want the holders and the paper, font and colors to coordinate with the look you’ve created too.

There are countless ways to create a unique centerpiece, but the foundation of a unique table setting will make your reception stand out even more.

All of the swatch images above are courtesy of joann.com. Image just above courtesy of naplesillustrated.com from HGTV's Monica Pedersen's Book Make It Beautiful.

Hometown Wedding Favors

Buffalo and Western New York are known for many things. Chicken wings, beef on weck, sponge candy, Labatt’s and loganberry. Architecture, mansions, and Frank Lloyd Wright. The Bills and the Sabres. Epic snowstorms and the wonder of Niagara Falls. With all we have to offer, locals and out-of-towners alike are bound to enjoy a Buffalo-themed wedding favor. With a little creativity, you can share your favorite part of Buffalo with your wedding guests.




Chicken Wings: Frank’s Red Hot is a staple in most Buffalo kitchens. A 5oz bottle will run you about $2. Dress it up with some ribbon and you’ve got yourself one “spicy” wedding favor.






Sponge Candy: This one’s easy because actual sponge candy is a great (however more expensive) favor. Choosing your favorite chocolatier may be the hardest part.






Architecture: Buffalo is full of striking architecture. Gather up a collection of Buffalo postcards – new and vintage (check garage sales this summer) - and leave a bundle wrapped in ribbon or twine at every place setting.





Buffalo Sabres: 2013 is not a good year for the Sabres. First a lockout, then a losing season, now Lindy's fired...But a true Sabres fan is there through thick and thin. Show your support with a hockey puck customized with your names or initials and your wedding date.





Snow: If the season’s right, or even if it’s not, a snowflake Christmas ornament makes a cute and fitting Buffalo wedding favor.



Three things to remember when choosing wedding favors…

1. Every wedding favor deserves a proper wrapping, so dress it up! It’ll look twice as nice.

2. Buying in bulk will usually get you a discount so before you wipe out all the local stores, make a few phone calls to inquire about a special order and a price break.

3. If your favor has meaning, share that with your guests. Attach a note with each favor or place a card on every table letting them know why you chose this gift for them to remember your wedding.

Gray is the New Black

The recent Buffalo Bridal Association Bridal Expo at the Niagara Falls Casino was a great success again this year. If you attended, you may have heard on the runway that “gray is the new black”, and I think it's safe to say that it has been for some time but it's not going away anytime soon. If you’re looking to shake up the traditional wedding attire, I have some inspiration for you.



Gray, Yellow & Navy

Gray and yellow has been a popular choice in home décor recently, and I love it with yellow. Since many weddings go with a 3-color scheme, I’d have to say a vibrant blue like this one is my favorite third color for a gray and yellow combination. It packs a punch, looks sharp and modern, and makes an amazing statement. This pallet could be used for your wedding no matter the season.



Gray, Purple & Orange


As long as you’re mixing it up, why not reverse color genders. What girl doesn’t love a guy in purple? Let the girls wear the vibrant, show-stopping orange. This combination is vibrant, and the gray tuxes or suits will tone it down just a little. Your florist should have fun with this one! These colors would be great in the summer or the fall.



Gray, Pink & Black

You can’t go wrong with black and white, which is the most standard tuxedo attire. Changing out black tuxes for gray will soften your look and allow your ladies to go traditional, like with these black and white print dresses. From here, the sky’s the limit on your pop-of-color choice. I would suggest choosing your color based on your season.  If you have a summer beach wedding, light blue or green (or both) would be a nice choice.



Gray & Red

The running theme through this blog is that gray is softer than black. This means you to use your favorite statement colors without being too dramatic. Red is all about drama, so to lighten the mood, fit your guys in a grey tux, or even a suit. If it doesn’t feel traditional enough, you can still get your tradition from your accessories or your flowers. The two-color scheme here makes things a little more streamlined. This combination would be especially nice in winter.



Bridesmaids in Gray

Another theme through this blog is getting out of gender roles. All of the above have shown the men in gray but look you can see how nice it looks on the ladies too. Use your accessories and flowers to brighten things up. You can partner them with groomsmen in grey or in black and with the right secondary colors, it would be fit for any season.


Whatever colors you choose, have fun!



Trending Now: Weddings with Food Trucks

Not everyone loves a food truck but I think we can all agree that they are a growing presence in Buffalo. If you heart food trucks and you’re planning a certain style wedding and have a guest list that would appreciate a food truck at your wedding, this could be a great option for you.


The best way to use a food truck at a wedding would be after-hours. If you plan in advance, you can request a food truck to show up on location to feed your guests just around the time when they may be getting hungry again.



Check with your reception venue first to make sure they will allow the food truck to serve food on their property. Some venues, especially ones who offer banquet packages with “midnight snack” add-ons may not allow it. Those venues will probably suggest you keep your guests inside and the bar open while they serve another course, and I can’t say I blame them.


But there are some caterers who would rather pack up and go home as soon as possible after the main meal is served no matter what you’d like to add on. If you’ve rented a hall and hired an outside caterer, you will probably have more leeway in getting your food truck’s location approved.


Don’t forget - if you’re adding on to a reception package, it’s on your dime. If you bring in a food truck, your guests will foot the bill. 



If your reception venue isn’t on board with hosting a food truck, you can look into requesting one at the hotel where your overnight guests are booked. I’m sure out of town guests who are unfamiliar with the area will appreciate some late night eats.


Another thing to remember is that food trucks have a following and you won’t be served privately, so expect to have visitors. You’ll be much better off if non-wedding guests have a safe place to park once they’ve found the truck.



If you love this idea, call around to the different trucks and see if one of them will work with you. If your wedding ends in the suburbs late on a Saturday night, the food truck of your choice may not be inclined to give up their street corner in Allentown. If it just isn’t working out, you can always supply your guests with a cute note card with a list of the local food trucks and their websites or Facebook pages so they can track down food truck on their own if they choose.


Here’s an incomplete list of some of the food trucks in the Buffalo area to give you a head start:

The Cheesy Chick

Knight Slider

Lloyd Taco Trucks

Pizza Amore

R&R Barbeque Food Truck

Roaming Buffalo

The Whole Hog Truck


Bon appétit!



Inclement Wedding Weather

The weather outside has been frightful and it got me thinking about wedding day weather. How do you prepare for the worst Mother Nature can throw at you? Is it possible that now as Buffalonians we have to be prepared for hurricanes? It’s not out of the question…just ask my friends who held their outdoor wedding in Boston during Hurricane Irene in 2011. The best advice I can give you is something I’m sure you’ve heard before: expect the worst and hope for the best.

Although full sun seems like the ideal weather for your wedding, it might not be.  To prepare for a very sunny wedding day, pack the sunscreen and make sure you’re covered before you leave to say “I do” because you most likely won’t have much time to put it on once your day has started. As the bride, you should have makeup with SPF, so talk to your makeup artist during your practice run. If it’s really hot, you should have blotting papers (to keep your makeup in place while you wipe your brow) and you may want to have a sun umbrella for shade. Ask your limo driver to have the air conditioning ready and waiting for you.

If the worst you get is a dreary day, you may be one of the lucky ones. Photographers prefer to shoot in overcast weather so expect great pictures. Guests will probably be toting coats and umbrellas, so make sure you have a place for them at the reception. There are plenty of great ideas out there on how to dress up your coat check.

A little rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck, but if it’s pouring buckets you probably won’t be feeling very lucky. Lots of oversized umbrellas are a must for you, your new husband, and the whole wedding party. Your limo driver can help escort you to the door and keep you dry. Guests may come in with wet and muddy shoes so talk to your reception venue about keeping the entry way clean and dry so no one slips and falls. If your wedding is outside, my advice is always to bite the bullet and order a tent in advance. In addition, an outdoor floor will keep the mud off your dance floor. And bustle your dress early!

Outdoor weddings are tricky because even if you’re prepared for rain with a tent and a floor, we can’t always be prepared for a storm and all the wind it can bring. Make sure your décor is heavy to begin with or that you weigh it down. The taller it is, the more likely it is to fall, so be careful where you place your any glass vases or objects. Set tables and chairs a few feet into the tent so guests seated around the perimeter stay dry even in sideways rain. It’s always a good idea to have an indoor backup plan if possible.

If your wedding is between October and April in Buffalo, you already know there will be a chance of snow so plan accordingly from the beginning. Sleeves, gloves, coat, boots, shovel, ice scraper, driveway salt: all things a summer bride does not plan to wear or bring for her big day. Make sure to time your day with some padding so you’re not forced to rush between locations in a snowstorm. Suggest that your out of town guests arrive a day before the wedding and if you’re taking a honeymoon right after, add extra travel time for yourself as well.


Lots can go wrong on your wedding day. You can't control the weather but you can make sure it doesn't put a damper on your festivities!

Photo credit: www.weddingsbycolor.com

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