Let Them Eat Cake!

With all of the TV shows revolving around cake - Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, Ultimate Cake Off, Wedding Cake Wars, and Amazing Wedding Cakes - wedding guests are taking an extra interest in what's for dessert. Here are some new trends and ideas for a show-stopping Wedding Cake!

1. Texture - Whether it has a flowery or lacy look or it mimics your wedding dress, texture is a top trend in Wedding Cakes. I like it shown below on an all-white cake where the focus is on the design, not the colors.


2. Off-Center - This three-tiered cake's off-center design is what really sets it apart, although the bottom layer's beading is pretty awesome too.


3. Metallics - Bakeries all over the country are turning Wedding Cakes into gold and silver works of art. Whether covered in gold like the one below or if it just incorporates metal elements, a metallic Wedding Cake is a little edgy but still glamorous.


4. Ombre - If you've been to a salon lately, chances are you already know that ombre is a graduated color effect. Fortunately, this look has carried over to cake design. The cake below also has a textured look - combining two trends in one!


5. Nature - Bring the outside in while incorporating your wedding colors. There are plenty of natural cake props besides flowers that you can use, like feathers as shown below. 


6. Painted On - I think this is my favorite new trend. Painted-on cakes look amazing and you have no limits to your design. If you're looking for a way to tie it all together, let your cake do the work.


7. Bling - Although maybe not a brand new trend, bling on a Wedding Cake is still standing its ground. I don't see this one going anywhere soon. Besides the rhinestone bands on this cake, I also love the bold blue color - it really makes a statement.


8. Culture - Your Wedding Cake is a great chance to show people who you are. Just below is an amazing idea for a cultural Wedding Cake. I still can't believe it's really cake! Far below is a more traditional looking cake, decorated with a henna pattern.



9. Wedding Dress - Many brides ask their cake bakers to be inspired by the wedding dress - whether with lace or pattern. Well, you could forget the cake and go straight for an exact replica in your cake topper like below. Pretty outstanding if you ask me! 


10. Damask - A popular trend last year, damask still seems to be favorite. If you're not into flowery but you want pretty design, this is an obvious choice. Plus it can often be matched to your invitation design.


Whatever style wedding cake you choose, the right cake stand will make your dessert look even more outstanding. Dripping with jewels, bold colors, and an antique look are just some of the options. And there's nothing wrong with plain white if it compliments your cake.





And we can't forget about maybe the biggest Wedding Cake trend of them all - cupcakes! Popular for a few years now, there are more and more ideas out there for the best cupcakes to make your big day perfectly sweet!


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