Kentucky Derby Party

In honor of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend, I thought it would be fitting to talk about all of the great things you could do to celebrate that infamous day in May.


My first thought was for weddings, which would make a great theme. Can you picture yourself riding in on a horse to your reception?


But then my mind went to bridal showers. So many summer brides have their showers in May. Wouldn't a Derby Party be a great theme for a group of women? I love those hats! And for a group of women that might not enjoy sports, horse racing might be one of the shortest durations of any sport out there!



Having gone to college in Saratoga Springs, I've learned a thing or two about the track. Not that you have to know anything, because winning is about as random as winning the lottery. Usually I picked the horse with my favorite name or number. You win some, you lose some and you have fun doing it.


Some items to include at your Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower:


An over-the-top dress

An even more over-the-top hat


HIGH heels


Mint Juleps or another cocktail made with Kentucky Bourbon


Finger Sandwiches

Horse-shaped cutout cookies

Derby Pie


Vote for Best Hat

Games that involve someone being the first to finish

Bet placing

A Winner's Circle for Pictures

Horseshoes (as favors or decor)

Ribbons (for game winners or table decoration) 



A Jockey to lead your way to the party

A TV or projection screen for viewing the race

Red Roses in Trophy Centerpieces   



Something to think about for next year. It's always good to plan ahead!


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