Holiday Parties for Every Crowd

Want to host a holiday party but don’t know where to start? Choose a theme that suits your guest list and get inspired!


Gift Exchange

There are so many varieties of gift exchanges – Secret Santa, White Elephant, Charitable Gifting, etc. Choose an amount and a type of gift giving and invite your guests to participate and focus more on the holiday than on the shopping. It will be all eyes on your tree or gift area, so put some extra time into making sure it’s well decorated!


Wine Tasting

Spend some time in your local liquor store with a knowledgeable associate and select a wine for every palette. Ask for recommendations on what foods and snacks to pair with each wine. Decorating will be a cinch when you set your pairs out together with festive signage. Asks guests to bring a wine-related gift for a secret swap.


Christmas Carol Karaoke

If you have a strong stomach or a talented group of friends, invite them over for Christmas Carol Karaoke. Machines are out there for the die-hard karaoke singer, but you can also find karaoke “video games”. Invite guests to bring one gift, then hand them out as prizes to the all the singers. Tag the gifts with award ribbons with labels like “Best Caroler” and “Needs Improvement”. You may want to invite the neighbors for this one. It could get a little noisy!


Silver & Gold

Red and green screams “Christmas” but Silver & Gold sings “style”. Class it up this year with some bling and impress your guests with decorations you won’t find in your holiday storage bins. This is not the party for paper plates. If you don’t want to buy all new things, check a rental company for the right color linens, place settings and accessories.


Game Night

After establishing how many guests you’ll have, choose some games that are appropriate for the number of people attending. If you have a lot of people, you may choose to do game “stations” and have people rotate through.  You can still decorate for the holidays, but certain games may require moving some furniture around or opening up some folding tables and chairs, so be sure to know the plan before you strategically place all your decorations for the season.


Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Sweater Parties are catching on around the country…so much so that there are websites dedicated to selling ugly Christmas sweaters! I’m pretty sure your local Amvets or your Grandmas house will suffice but either way, this theme makes an especially easy ice breaker for a group of guests who may not all know each other. Fruitcake and eggnog are a must-serve for this party!


Tea Party

The holidays are full over overindulging and shopping til you drop. Stand up to the holidays with a fat-free caffeine boost and host a tea party where guests can enjoy some no-stress social time. No gifts allowed!


Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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