Happy Valentine's Day!

If you're entertaining at home this Valentine's day, or even if you just want to decorate for the season, I found some great centerpiece ideas. I love when centerpieces are thoughtful and unique and really speak to the special occasion.  

I love this mixture of candies and flowers from MarthaStewart.com. Two icons of Valentine's Day put together for a clever and gorgeous centerpiece.


Again - candies and flowers found on MarthaStewart.com. You can see how important color is when you compare these two centerpieces. They give very different feelings - this one being a little more sweet, while the red centerpiece is a little more romantic.

This centerpiece above is great because it seems so unexpected. BHG.com features these floating roses below the top of the wide vase with a coordinating ribbon. Shorter centerpieces like this one can be left on the table during dinner without prohibiting cross-table conversation.

A cluster of small vases with single flowers makes a super easy centerpiece and looks even more elegant when you light a few tapered candles in between as shown here by BHG.com.

Simple bright roses in a contrasting container really draw the eye. So many household items can be used as vases if you pair them with the right flowers. Add a note tag for an extra touch. Because it's so small,  this would look great anywhere in the house, not just as a centerpiece. Photo courtesy of BHG.com.

Repurpose a paint can as found on BHG.com for a casual and cute kitchen centerpiece. Make it elegant or fun and pair your flowers accordingly.

You are sure to impress your guests with any of these DIY Valentine's Day centerpieces. Enjoy!


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