Gray is the New Black

The recent Buffalo Bridal Association Bridal Expo at the Niagara Falls Casino was a great success again this year. If you attended, you may have heard on the runway that “gray is the new black”, and I think it's safe to say that it has been for some time but it's not going away anytime soon. If you’re looking to shake up the traditional wedding attire, I have some inspiration for you.



Gray, Yellow & Navy

Gray and yellow has been a popular choice in home décor recently, and I love it with yellow. Since many weddings go with a 3-color scheme, I’d have to say a vibrant blue like this one is my favorite third color for a gray and yellow combination. It packs a punch, looks sharp and modern, and makes an amazing statement. This pallet could be used for your wedding no matter the season.



Gray, Purple & Orange


As long as you’re mixing it up, why not reverse color genders. What girl doesn’t love a guy in purple? Let the girls wear the vibrant, show-stopping orange. This combination is vibrant, and the gray tuxes or suits will tone it down just a little. Your florist should have fun with this one! These colors would be great in the summer or the fall.



Gray, Pink & Black

You can’t go wrong with black and white, which is the most standard tuxedo attire. Changing out black tuxes for gray will soften your look and allow your ladies to go traditional, like with these black and white print dresses. From here, the sky’s the limit on your pop-of-color choice. I would suggest choosing your color based on your season.  If you have a summer beach wedding, light blue or green (or both) would be a nice choice.



Gray & Red

The running theme through this blog is that gray is softer than black. This means you to use your favorite statement colors without being too dramatic. Red is all about drama, so to lighten the mood, fit your guys in a grey tux, or even a suit. If it doesn’t feel traditional enough, you can still get your tradition from your accessories or your flowers. The two-color scheme here makes things a little more streamlined. This combination would be especially nice in winter.



Bridesmaids in Gray

Another theme through this blog is getting out of gender roles. All of the above have shown the men in gray but look you can see how nice it looks on the ladies too. Use your accessories and flowers to brighten things up. You can partner them with groomsmen in grey or in black and with the right secondary colors, it would be fit for any season.


Whatever colors you choose, have fun!



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