Fresh Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be as easy or as difficult as you make them. This also means they can be really cheap or super expensive. Making your own centerpieces is time consuming and not always less expensive. When deciding on a centerpiece, you have to weigh your options and what's important to you. Also consider how many friends you have.


My friend is getting married on Saturday and she came up with an inexpensive DIY centerpiece. Although she did 90% of the work on the homemade centerpieces on her own ahead of time, she enlisted the help of me and our mothers to finish the job tonight. Here's what we started with.




There were three kinds of pinwheels glued and pinned to thin sticks. Plain, glittered, and small with white backgrounds. The plan was to take small pot, fill it with clay and stick in the handmade table number (also on a stick) and one of each pinwheel with a fourth on the backside to cover the back of the table number. A pair of handheld gardening shears made the perfect clipper to make the pinwheels different heights.  Et voila!



The idea behind this centerpiece (which the bride thought up sans-internet!) was to replace the need for flowers but still have a similar effect. For that reason, we assorted the pinwheels randomly with an eye-pleasing color scheme. Me not being a very crafty person, this was a really easy project and I learned about air-dry clay, which I had never used before (we put a thick layer in the bottom of every pot and it takes two days to dry). It's pretty handy stuff! Here are two examples of the finished product and a shot of one of the boxes to transport to the reception. Transporting may be the hardest part of this whole project! Of course as I said, I wasn't involved in making the pinwheels themselves. However, I'm told it was time consuming but not difficult.




We used a larger silver vase for the sweetheart table centerpiece with no table number and more pinwheels. We also made four extras in a different style pot for decorating the cupcake and gift tables. So cute and colorful! We even had leftover pinwheels to use elsewhere at the reception. We'll see where they end up!

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