Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

When you work long and hard to plan your wedding so that everything is just right, you want to make sure you carefully select vendors who will give your wedding the thought and attention it deserves. Wedding vendors are just like vendors in any other industry. There are some who go above and beyond the expectations, there are some who are just average, and there are some who are so bad that they can ruin your wedding experience.

Everyone knows how important weddings are, and I believe they deserve special treatment. Be sure to choose a vendor who will take interest you and your wedding and who will appreciate the importance of their job in the grand scheme of the wedding day. When the day is planned to the minute and everyone is being counted on to do their part, a vendor who drops the ball can make the whole team lose.

But what could go wrong? People have weddings all the time, right? Wedding vendors have bad days at work just like the rest of us, and that can affect the outcome of your wedding and it usually can't be avoided. However, there are vendors out there who consistently make mistakes, have poor judgment, or are downright delinquent. Here is just a short list of wrongs I’ve encountered as both a wedding guest and coordinator - and it’s just the tip of the iceberg...

- Reception venue not vacuumed from the night before

- Band arrives to set up and conduct a sound check as guests arrive for cocktail hour

- Limo driver smoking right before getting into the vehicle

- Hotel denying reimbursement for broken air conditioning

- DJ mispronouncing bride and groom’s names for their grand entrance

- Vendor bringing their uninvited significant other to the reception

In choosing a wedding vendor, go by reputation, reviews, referrals from friends, and even your gut. Read the fine print on your contract so you know what you can expect. Treat your initial meeting with a vendor like an interview. Make a list of questions, and pay careful attention to the answers. 

Some vendors may feel like they shouldn't waste their time pleasing brides. Maybe because brides are notoriously stereotyped as being hard please, or because they're unlikely to bring in repeat business. But what some vendors don’t realize is that brides are a great source of referral business. They can also ruin a business by spreading a negative reputation. So brides, choose your vendors wisely. If the vendor you're looking at doesn't usually deal with brides, ask why. Have a good vendor? Give them the attention and credit they deserve. Return their surveys, talk them up to your friends and family, review them online, be their advertisement. You'll be helping the vendor, the brides-to-be, and the quality of wedding work in your town.


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