Burlesque Bachelorette

I recently heard about a bachelorette party that held a private Burlesque Dance Class – a 1 hour class where the instructor led a warm-up, taught some moves, and then choreographed a short routine to part of a Christina Aguilera song. Oh, and they celebrated afterward with wine.  I thought this sounded so fun and different that I had to share.  You don’t need to have a female-version of “The Hangover” to make your bachelorette party memorable!



Buffalo has plenty of neighborhood dance studios and I bet most of them would be willing to host a private class. It’s extra money in their pocket if you can work out a time that’s outside of their busy dance, competition and recital schedule. Most recitals are finished by the end of June so you may have luck booking something in the summer.


Besides Burlesque, you could also try belly dancing, pole dancing, Salsa, or hip hop to name a few others. This could be something you may only do once in your life, and trying something new with all of your friends in a private class makes it much more comfortable if you’re out of your comfort zone. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a regular! If this sounds like fun for you and the girls, here is a very short list of some studios you may want to look into.




Baila Salsa Dance Company – Buffalo


The Future Dance Studio – Hamburg


Free Soul Dance & Fitness - Blasdell


Ilya’s Bellydance Studio - Buffalo


ModDance Studio - Kenmore


Nickel City Dance & Fitness Center - Kenmore


Pole Play Dance Studio – Buffalo

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